Wednesday, 26 October 2016

What Are The Essential Steps To Become A College Professor ?

Students of any country are the future of it. If the future of the country is on the right path, then country automatically on the path of progress. And it is the teacher of our country who control the paths of youth in true sense. A teacher is the right person who knows the art of handling students in right direction. Therefore, a teacher is the driver who is sitting on the driver’s seat of country progress. It can be said, a teacher plays a vital role in the building of worthy human being. A professor or lecturer makes a good human being out of the raw human being by giving right kind of knowledge.

With the increasing number of schools and colleges, the demand for the teachers and professors have raised. So there is no dearth of scope in this noble profession of the nation. There are various level of positions in academic jobs such as teaching, professor, assistant professor, director and faculty. Here, I am going to tell you to become a college professor.

How To Become A College Professor?

The minimum level of education required to become a college professor is master’s degree in any of the relevant subject with 55% marks. Higher qualifications are always preferred.

Interested candidates have to appear for the UGC exam which is held twice in the year. This is the only hurdle to be cleared to get the professor job.

After clearing UGC-Net exam one is eligible for applying the professor jobs in any college or institute affiliated with any of the recognize by UGC in India.

For recruitment as the professor in reputed colleges or universities, it is mandatory to clear NET(National Eligibility Test) or SET (State Eligibility Test). Those candidates who have successfully cleared the NET exam, are eligible to apply for professor jobs in Indian universities/ colleges. The candidate who has cleared SET exam will be eligible for the appointment of the lecturer post in college or universities, belonging to the state where they qualified the exam.

Where Can You Find Professor Jobs?

There is no lack of good job opportunity for those who want to start their career in teaching as a professor. In the coming year, there will be rise of good number of teaching colleges, institutes or universities, so there will be increase in all types of academic jobs. Before you apply for a professor job, it is important to start with a reputed college. If you are looking for the job in academics, kindly go through If you go through the HireFaculty, you will find that there is a great demand for professor jobs in India for fresher as well as experienced.