Friday, 6 January 2017

The Importance of Preferred Locations In Your HireFaculty Profile

Since many colleges now have branches in multiple locations, recruiters look for candidates who are willing to work in a particular city or location. There are many factors that recruiters and employers consider when searching academic jobs. One of those many factors is sometimes the Preferred Location mentioned by candidates. Locations chosen by the applicants or their home addresses are increasingly becoming an important search criteria for HR managers to shortlist candidates for a suitable teaching job position.

That is, say, if a job requirement is for the city of Delhi, then the HR Manager of that college is more likely to contact an applicant who prefers to work in Delhi than a candidate who has either not mentioned a preference at all, or has mentioned his/her preference to work in, say, Bangalore.

Therefore, if there are cities that you strongly prefer to work in, then make sure that you mention those cities in HireFaculty as your Preferred Locations – it will increase your chances of getting shortlisted for the suitable faculty jobs in that city. So, mentioning of your choice of location(s) for teaching jobs in India is becoming an important factor to include in your profile as well as in CV.

Ofcourse, we understand that you may have more than one city/region that you would like to find your next job in, and that is why you can select multiple cities/regions as your Preferred Locations for academic jobs in

Some of the reasons why employers give importance to preferred locations chosen by candidates are given below:

Sometimes, the profile may demand knowledge of local language or culture and recruiters will give importance to candidates only with required skills.

Sometimes, the employer may give importance only to local aspirants. As a result, your resume will be preferred over others if you mention your location in it.

In many cases, the job may require the candidate to relocate to another part of a country or world. In that case only candidates who are interested in relocating will be given preference. If you have the name of that particular location or city mentioned in your CV, it will help in attracting more views from recruiters.

Since an increasing number of recruiters source resumes from Internet job portals, clearly mentioning preferred location in your resume has become more important. It will help in:

Highlighting your resume when a recruiter searches teaching jobs with preferred city or state names.

Widening your scopes in finding the right job. If you put only your home address in your resume, you may only attract views from local employers.

Proving your seriousness for a faculty job. Hiding your address or not mentioning it in your CV creates a negative impression in the minds of recruiters.

Attracting more views of your resume from HR of colleges or institutes.

Minimizing the time in searching for CV by recruitment managers.

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