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Top 5 Interview Questions And Answers For Teaching

When you get a call from a school/ college administrator inviting you to interview for a faculty job, how do you feel? Happy? Nervous? Elated? Excited? Scared stiff?

Preparing for an interview to get a teaching job is like studying for a test. You don't need to worry about the teaching job interview questions if you're a well-prepared and a qualified candidate. If you prepare beforehand, the interview questions and answers for teachers will seem routine and familiar. 
Below is a list of commonly asked academic job interview questions & answers to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams. How would you answer each question?

Q1. Tell us about yourself.
Oh, yes, this is the question that is most likely to be asked first. Keep in mind, if it is the first question, it will set the stage for the interview, so it needs to be extremely strong. This is a great opportunity to sell yourself to the school
/ college district representatives.

Tell them about your career, what colleges you graduated from, what you're certified to teach, what your teaching and working experiences are, and why you'd love the job.

Q2. What are your thoughts on team-teaching?
The interviewer who asks this question wants to discover, if you enjoy working in a team environment, you are flexible, have experience in this area, and what your viewpoints are on the subject. In this, always speak about some of the positive aspects of team-teaching. 
Q3. What are your greatest strengths?
It is an important question to show your hard/tangible skills. Now, if you researched the college/school and found out what they are seeking for in a candidate, you will be able to focus your response on that information, keeping in mind it is important to tell the truth. With every response, you must show your VALUE to the college. This will also give them an idea on how you view your talents and skills as a teacher. Perception is critical... you must be able to confidently discuss your skills using a convincing approach. 
Q4. What is your biggest weakness?
Your response should include something which may have recently been a challenge in the past, which you have taken steps to rectify. It is good to be truthful, they will be checking your honesty. In addition, they will be checking to see if you provide a weakness that is critical to success in the position.

Q5. Why do you want to work for our college or institute?
Your preparation and research are imperative to successfully answer this question. Provide few explanations why you're considering in this particular institute or college and what in particular sparked your interest. What do you know about its faculty members, college student, industry reputation, educational goals and objectives, community engagement, upcoming initiatives, demographics, or extracurricular activities? This information will help you to accurately respond to the above question. The word accurate is important in the answer-- don't answer the questions by using old information. Effective research will help to tailor your answers, without being deceiving, to the question above. 
The interviewer is seeking for evidence that you really know why you want to work there or did you just send out applications. This research will also help immensely when answering other questions throughout the interview, so plan to dedicate some time and energy doing this homework. It is wrong to tailor your answer with incorrect information - preparation and honesty are the key to a successful interview.

It is important, to be honest when answering all questions during the interview. By arranging your thoughts in advance will serve you in delivering truthful and concise responses, while illustrating your skills and compatibility to the district.
This is just a sample of the many types of questions that are asked in an interview. Further, if you are looking for faculty job options, explore Hirefaculty. You can see lots of job options here. 
Knowing the faculty job interview questions and their answers can also be pretty helpful as you can well image. 

Please share your personal answers with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear your thoughts. 

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