Thursday, 30 March 2017

Teaching Job Searching? 5 Surprising Keys To Find A College That Fits You

It’s the time of year when teachers are thinking to change college or institutes. Choosing a right college, for most of us, a confusing and anxiety-riddled experience. It is a stressful task and make sure you take right decision while choosing the best teaching job for you. But before choosing the college, your search should not start and end with the brand name. 
Here are some useful tips to help you get started.

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Be Specific:
Once you know which type of college you are looking for, start working for that. Make some strategy, visit website, register to college website, email or call to listed contacts, call to college authority and ask for job opening, ask to your personal network, and even visit if possible. You can make your account at various teaching job listed sites. 
Rushing The Process
Finding the educator job in the right college takes time and effort, not to mention research and an often lengthy application process. Waiting until the last minute or just “falling into a college” is never a good idea. It takes the most important factor out of the equation—you.

Don’t Go For A Brand Name
Employers and colleges are looking for outstanding skills and experience, not college pedigree. As you search for colleges, ask about student outcomes; you will find many institutes that outperform even though you may have never heard of them! 
Use All Your Resources
General Job websites like HireFaculty can be helpful way to learn more about job opening in various universities, colleges etc. Your personal network is also a great way to gain trustworthy information, so consider tapping into your LinkedIn connections as a valuable resource as well.

Have A Portfolio
Keep some student work, and be prepared to talk about your success! Many colleges will want to see some type of performance metric, so whether it is essays, projects, testing data, or other work, make sure you've got some student work to highlight your success and theirs.
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